Barnet Special Education Trust; Governance Structure


Governance Structure

Members The three founder members established Barnet Special Education Trust as a company limited by guarantee in March 2016. The members meet annually and at other times as required to ensure the Trust fulfils its founding principles and to receive the company’s annual report and accounts. Members are responsible for the appointment of trustees.

Trustees The Board of Trustees steer the strategic aims of the Trust.  They appoint the Chair and community governors of each Local Governing Body, whilst ensuring the election of staff and parent representation for each to keep a general overview of the work of the Trust and its provisions.  They hold the Chief Executive Officer to account and are accountable in turn to the Members, DfE and ESFA for education standards, safeguarding, finances and management across the Trust.

Local Governing Bodies The Trustees establish a Local Governing Body (LGB) for each school in the MAT. A scheme of delegation will afford each member school control of internal budgets, following agreement with Trustees as to the level of commitment to centrally shared resources. The LGB reports to the Trustees and takes a strategic role in the governance of their school to hold the Headteacher and other senior leaders to account in respect of safety and wellbeing, educational standards and achievement of agreed plans and objectives.

Interim Governance Arrangements The Trustees have determined that whilst Oak Lodge, as an academy converter remains the only operational school in the Trust, the committee structure of the previous maintained school will apply. The Trust through its Accounting Officer, will ensure that all statutory responsibilities are fully discharged.

See the Oak Lodge School website for further detail.